PEL•ONA Architects & Urbanists was founded by Ronnie Pelusio and Korkut Onaran.  They believe in the timeless values in architecture and sustainable urbanism. PEL•ONA brings the strengths of its founders together to provide services of architecture, urban design, master planning, and the crafting of development codes.


Pel-Ona Architects & Urbanists have a broad understanding and background with various building types. We specialize in Mixed-Use buildings and Affordable Housing. Learn More»


Pel-Ona Architects & Urbanists are New Urbanists! We believe that our individual lifestyles and our global environment can benefit from compact, walkable, mixed use, mixed income and transit oriented communities. Ronnie’s detail oriented hands-on approach to architecture and Korkut’s years of experience in urbanism and planning create a strong alliance. Learn More»


Pel-Ona Architects & Urbanists focus on urbanism with timeless values and sustainable living, at the regional and national scales. Our wide range of experience enables us to quickly develop community plans that combine climate sensitive site planning solutions with diverse building prototypes. Learn More»