Matt Johnson is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado, and received his B.A. in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and before that, an A.A.S. in Architectural Engineering Technology from Front Range Community College. During time in school, he found the assembly and craft of structures to be fascinating. He took the opportunity in school to participate in design-build courses involving designing, planning and constructing a cabin at the YMCA, as well as other projects involving construction of models and construction documents.

Before joining the team, Matt worked at a hardware store during school, further increasing knowledge in connections, construction and details. Pairing these experiences with knowledge of sustainable practices in architecture, he learned that his belief is that everyone should have an opportunity to design, construct and care for a project or building, whatever the scale, and to be able to best understand the relationship that project has with the land around it. He has since been welcomed by Pel-Ona, and continues to apply his passion for detail as well as learn new ideas and methods about the practice of careful and sustainable design.

When not at the office, Matt can be found in the record store collecting metal albums, at live shows for many of those bands, and occasionally playing bagpipes. He also loves hockey, collecting antique firearms and heading out to the plains to the target ranges. Matt often finds himself travelling the country to visit as many National Parks as possible, and often to England and other countries in northern Europe.