Examples of Korkut’s Published Poetry

Connecticut River Review, Volume 2013, p.59.

Of being in the present
Common Ground Review, 2013, vol.14, no.2, p. 33.
Of a modest world
The Cape Rock, vol.40, no.2, 2012, p.13.
Byrant Literary Review, Volume 13, 2012, p.6.
Driving early morning in the snow storm
White Pelican Review, Fall 2011, p. 12.
Daily news
White Pelican Review, Fall 2011, p. 27.
Requiem for the innocent children of the red sun
White Pelican Review, Fall 2011, p. 40.
Thin Air, Winter 2011, p.61.
Poetica Magazine, Summer 2010, p.1
Sketching instructions for travelers 
Connecticut River Review, 2010, pp. 90, 91.
California Quarterly, 2009, vol.35, no.1, p.40
Late October
Cloudbank, Fall 2009, p.21
Alehouse Press, no.2, 2008, p.55
A day
Baltimore Review, vol. 12, no.1, Winter/Spring 2008, p.35
The cut
White Pelican Review, vo.9, no.1, Spring 2008, p.18
In my dream
Common Ground Review, Fall/Winter 2008, vol.10, p.12 and 13 
Bayou, issue 47, 2007, p.49 
Poet the voyeur
Writer’s Journal, vol.28, no.3, May/June 2007, p.54 
De Chirico
City Works Literary Journal, 2007, p.133 
Atlanta Review, vol.14, no.1, Fall/Winter 2007, p.69 
The story I heard from an oud
Atlanta Review, vol.14, no.1, Fall/Winter 2007, p.70 
Library of Celcius, Ephesus
Colere, 2006, issue 6, p.95 
The tree and the hummingbird
Water - Stone Review, vol.9, Fall, 2006, p.218 
Chagall’s Ville de Nice
Crucible, Fall 2006, p.22